The art of living healthy on your terms


Telos by TK offers a modern approach to imperfectly perfect health—so that you can learn to become your own health advocate, without settling.


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There are a number of plans that focus on helping you to build a strong foundation and during the process you'll learn what is specifically influencing your health and why certain recommendations are helpful. 

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What Is a Telos?

te·los \ˈte-ˌläs, ˈtē-\ noun

1. an ultimate goal.
2. Ex: My telos is to live well on my own terms.

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Dr. Tina Krupczak MS, CNS, LDN

Tina is a practical, modern, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition.  She follows functional medicine principles, which focuses on a lifestyle-based approach that considers each patient's biochemistry, physiology, environment and genetics.  

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Our Practice

Telos by TK is a digital practice, so it's super easy and convenient to fit in our consultations.  Yep, that means no need to schedule additional time for traffic or take time off of work.  However, in-person sessions are available in our beautiful DC office. 

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It’s time to break up with false expectations and your complicated relationship with health. It’s time to drop kick the trends, the fads, and the quick fixes. It’s time to take back control of your health.

"My telos is to support you in learning to play an active role in your health. It’s time to upgrade yourself to CEO of your body, to redefine what health means to you, accomplish your goals, and live well ‘n wild."


Because you deserve it

Using evidence-based recommendations, up-to-date technology, and no-nonsense accountability.  We'll get real with what your body is saying and what practical and relevant changes will help you to get to your goals... and stay there. Because self-care isn't a trend here - we just call it living well.